Super 8 film splicing cement

Super 8mm cement film splicer eumig z 01 chemo spl. Gently used splicer inspected and guaranteed to be in perfect working order. I have heard that film cement is nothing but acetone, is that true. The nice thing about film cement is that you wont accidentally glue your film to the splicer. Kodak acetate leaders in both regular 8 and super 8 formats. Home splicing supplies kodak universal film splicer for 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film. Super 8 film leader white acetate hfs classic white cement splice. I use the bolex beveled splicer and it makes a very nice splice that you barely notice going through the projector.

Filmcement kodak professional, 10ml wittner super 8 film shop. This splicer uses less expensive roll tape that folds around the film in one easy step. Kodak super 8 presstape splices momentcatcher productions. Mar 27, 2012 here is an informative video that displays how to go about splicing film using a splicing kit and some film cement. Before film is viewed, or ready to transfer to dvd, it must first be properly cleaned and inspected for breaks in the film. Used guillotine super 8 film splicer quick and easy splices for super 8. Save super 8mm film splicer to get email alerts and updates on your ebay feed. How to splice super 8 film with film cement youtube. One vintage bottle of kodak film cement the bottle is at least 34 full the fill level 2 mm below the top of the label. I will have a certificate of postage should you need it. Antique splicer of film super 8 fujica bi track vintage.

Single 8, super 8 film, 16mm, 9,5 mm, 35mm and 70mm. Super 8 film leader hfs classic white cement splice. Kodak film cement film forever motion picture editorial. Dvd conversions limited new zealand supply genuine kodak film leaders, film splicing tapes and super 8mm film double tape splicing peter du cane showing how to prepare 50ft super 8 camera reels onto 400ft reels for transfer to digital files using double. Splicing cement solvent contained film stock disolved in acetone, available in thin or thick consistencies according to the users preference. Super 8 wittner cinetec super 8 film super8 s8 16mm. This 8mm film leader is only suitable for super 8 and single 8 film and it isn t suitable for double 8 film also called regular 8, normal 8 or standard 8. Most home film enthusiast dont need that much product and when kodak was selling the small bottles with. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Free delivery and returns on ebay plus items for plus members. Craig master six film splicer for cement or tape splicing 8mm, super8 or 16mm film formats. These are suitable for splicing negatives as well as releaseready stock.

Single8, super 8 film, 16mm, 9,5 mm, 35mm and 70mm. Super 8 8mm film splicing how to splice 8 super film using a splicer and film cement. Cine film cement new 15ml for splicing super 8 standard. Motion picture film supplies student film supplies. Isopropyl alcohol may be used to clean negatives, too, as long as you apply it lightly with a cotton cloth or swab. A must have for holding film secure while cutting and then applying splice tape. Super 8 film splicing tapes are clear with perforation ideal to repair torn film.

Here is an informative video that displays how to go about splicing film using a splicing kit and some film cement. Kodak movie film cine splicing cement glue 8mm 16mm super 8. When the super 8 film is ready for splicing, double. Film film cleaner gloves guillotine leader loupe marking measuring plastic core reel regular 8 repair single perf single perforation splicing splicing tape split reel super 8 used.

Buy super 8 film editing equipment and get the best deals at the lowest prices on ebay. How to splice 8 super film using a splicer and film cement. There is also the hot cement splicer, which uses heat to help the cement settle faster. Kodak universal film splicer for 8mm, super 8 and 16mm film. With the resurgence in traditional film making, we stock a variety of film supplies such as super 8 film, splicing tapes and leaders. In the meantime i bought a editorviewer, that came with a bunch of tape splices for super8.

The important thing to remember is that you have to stick the scraped emulsion side to the acetate side of the. Cinema products for taking, editing and projecting of small format movies. Place the film on the splicer, spocket holes facing you and line them up in the pins. Adhering quickly and securely to super 8 films, hama splicing tape can be used in conjunction with a splicer to repair or combine sections of film for projection onto a screen, editing or specialist conversion to digital format. Super 8 film splicing tapes are clear with perforation ideal to repair torn film sprockets without losing frames. Super 8 single 8 film leader white acetate hfs classic 15. Unit has been serviced, lubricated, and new belts installed for trouble free operation of your super 8 films. I had to buy my own cement and resplice every single one, losing a frame on both sides of the splice. Neumade made a black, round cast iron bottle holder, with a wood, aluminum and brass penlike applicator. Use the picture below to see what the splicer looks like. Excellent demo of making a cement splice using small 8mm film and a minette splicer. Categories film cement filmcement kodak professional, 10ml. Kodak acetate leaders in both regular 8 and super 8.

I originally used the kodak presstape method but found that the tape interfered with the quality of the picture being projected. My only worry is that it might react to the film base, but so far, i have had no trouble with it. Sorry absolutely no shipments to any international destination. Hervic minette super 8 sound splicing press tape patch splicer 8mm editor s4 s5. This is something that comes standard with every film to dvd order here at dvd your memories. Super 8 film shop the wide range of products includes specialties like color reversal film kodak ektachrome 100d and beaulieu accessories.

I had used some of my schools professional film cement and even though my splices were as clean and precise as most negative cutters work, they came apart in the projector at every single splice. It can only used with acetate, triacetate and nitrate films. Each package contains 40 tape strips which is enough to complete 20 splices. Daniels link is actually for 16mm film, either single or double perforated. It acts as a wonderful and inexpensive substitute for splicing cement. Choose a splicer from our list and you are ready to repair, edit, or remount films. Film cement is a special glue to join motion picture film. Great savings free delivery collection on many items. Each tape is preperforated and transparent allowing for seamless transitions. If theres dust or debris on it, gently apply pressure with a microfiber cloth to remove them.

The units are made in various types depending on the usage. Wittner cinetec offers super 8 film cartridges, 16mm filmstock, movie camera film, accessories, film reels, film cans, splicing tape, splicers, projection bulbs, spare parts and more. This is a nice economy rewind set for that home project. The splicer punches the perforation holes in the tape to assure secure coverage over the entire film surface. Kodak film cement available only in lower 48 states usa ground ship only. High quality, relubricated and in like new working condition. Also, the tapes would often causes the projector to skip and cause the audience to be distracteded, and worse, laugh. Jul 31, 2004 cement is definitely better imo, but it can and does come apart at the splice. Normal 0 false false false microsoftinternetexplorer4 new kodak super 8mm white acetate leader featuring clear acetate support with white opaque coating, built in conductivity to reduce dirt attraction, front to back color difference, and writable on front side. New kodak super 8mm movie film leader 50 ft reel white. Dvd conversions limited new zealand supply genuine kodak film leaders, film. Martin, take maurices advice so far as a super 8mm preferred splicer of choice is concerned.

I use super glue for my splicing needs because its quick, easy and durable. The only splicer capable of splicing super 8, regular 8 and 16mm when splicing multiple format personal projects is a must. How to splice 8mm, super 8, 16mm vintage home movie film. Kodak film leader, super 8 film leader, 16mm film leader, 35mm film leader, 65mm film leader, 70mm film leader, 8mm film leader, 16mm splicing tape, 35mm splicing tape, 16mm perffix perforation repair tape, 35mm perffix perfortation repai. Learn about why film cleaning is important and how it can preserve the life of your 8mm, 16mm or super 8 film. Also, the tapes would often causes the projector to skip and cause the audience to. A material called film cement glues the film together, the bond invisible and permanent.

Super 8 film leader white acetate hfs classic white. Comes with 400 8mm and 16mm reels, cement splicer and film scraper. Also, the splices look better with cement and will run through projection equipment much, much more smoothly. Super 8mm cement film splicer eumig z 01 chemo splicer. How to make splices for 8mm, super 8, and 16mm home movie film. Muray ca sup 8 automatic film splicer, super 8 film splicer. New fresh kodak super 8mm presstapes are the preferred chemical free method for easy film splicing. A film splicer also called a film joiner, usually in europe is a device which can be used to physically join together lengths of photographic film. Super 8mm film is a motion picture film format released in 1965 by eastman kodak as an improvement over the older double or regular 8 mm home movie format the film is nominally 8mm wide, the same as older formatted 8mm film, but the dimensions of the rectangular perforations along one edge are smaller, which allows for a greater exposed area.

My experience is that cement is actually stronger unless it is old cement. Professional grade quality, same brand, same film cement brand youve grown to love. Splicing tape splice tape for super 8mm film home movies. Film cement splicing tape film forever motion picture editorial. Super 8 white acetate film leader super 8 white film spacing super 8 wei. Super 8 splicer for sale in uk 42 used super 8 splicers. Eliminating the mess and chemicals involved with cement splicing, hama splicing tape provides a clean, easy way of working, allowing the repairs to be made e. Film cement for sale in uk 58 secondhand film cements. They will not do super 8 and our super 8 adaptors will not work on these rewinds. We also transfer 8mm, super 8 and 16mm movies, video cassettes and slides to dvd. Get the best deals on super 8 film splicers when you shop the largest online selection at. Kodak splicers tape press tapes for super8 single8 film. We make sure all of your film is neatly spliced together, and fix any splices that have fallen apart in the past. Since i cant use the tape for 8mm i will need to buy either some tape or some cement.

When the super 8 film is ready for splicing, double check to be sure its clean. Film cement splicing tape film forever motion picture. It doesnt interfere with the sound stripe and will last forever if done right. Southall three way film splicer has not been ive also included some tapes for splicing the super 8mm cine film. Movie editing equipment for sale shop with afterpay ebay. Kodak 8mm super8 film presstapes van eck video services. When youre ready to do more with your super 8 footage, look to a film splicer.

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