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There are several indications indeed that the application of holography to cosmology enables a new formulation of the wave function of the universe in. Department of physics, university of california santa barbara, ca 931069530 usa. Wave function of the universe and its meaning springerlink. Professor sean carroll, research professor of physics at caltech, explains everetts many. Theories of everything and hawkings wave function of the universe. Pdf wave function of the universe semantic scholar. According to this picture, the wave function of the universe spreads out over all possible universes. Theories of everything and hawkings wave function of the. The theory of the universal wave function, long thesis. Newest quantummechanics questions physics stack exchange. Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics relating to the very small. Holographic wave functions of the universe ku leuven. The wave function of the universe is constructed through the single particle.

The universal wavefunction or wave function is a term introduced by hugh everett in his phd. The wave function is the most fundamental concept of our most fundamental physical theory. For a frwspacetime coupled to an arbitrary real scalar field, we endow the solution space of the associated wheelerdewitt equation with a hilbertspace s. The idea of the wavefunction of the universe is meaningless. Originally titled wave mechanics without probability, this is the foundational paper of the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Let me start by describing the usual quantum algorithm leav. Universe as a whole as the only closed quantum system in the strict sense.

Maxwell lecture 201718 this is the first in our series of six lectures covering a wide range of topics. Suppose that those two vectors are parallel to each other in their space components. It is an honor, of course, to participate in this celebration of stephens 60th birthday and to address such a distinguished audience. The classical dynamics of einsteins closed universe idealized for simplicity to be empty except as excited by gravitational waves is analyzed in no way more. The theory of the universal wave function internet archive. It results in what may appear to be some very strange conclusions about the physical world. While the long thesis was organized around the quantum measurement problem and how it is best solved by pure wave mechanics, the short thesis presented everetts relativestate formulation of pure wave mechanics more as a suitable theory for the development of quantum gravity, cosmology, and field theory. Pdf a regularization of the hartlehawking wave function. The wave function is assumed to be quite large near our own universe, so there is a good chance that our universe is the correct one, as we expect. The quantum state of a spatially closed universe can be described by a wave function which is a functional on the geometries of compact threemanifolds and on the values of the matter fields on these manifolds. When a large file exhibits regularities its length can be com. The hartlehawking noboundary wave function of the universe 1, 2 is a. The wave function obeys the wheelerdewitt secondorder functional differential equation.

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